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  • 08



    World Radiology Day Celebration

    The Department of Allied Health Sciences is going to organize an Event to join us for a day filled with knowledge, insights & innovation in the field of Radiology. Lets come together to celebrate the remarkable achievements in Radiology & inspire the next generation of Health care professionals.

    Event Name         : World Radiology Day Celebration

    Date                    : November 8, 2023

    Venue                  : C block, Auditorium Jagannath University 

    Timing                 : 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    Theme                 : Radiology & Allied Health Science Extravaganza

    Highlights of Event :

    • Expert Talk 
    • Power point presentation 
    • Model Presentation 
    • Poster Presentation
    • Fun activities

  • 03



    Workshop on Get Started AI with  Matlab

    The Department of Engineering & Technology is ognizining Workshop on  "Get Started AI with  Matlab"  in association with Design Tech System Pvt. Ltd.  on November 3, 2023 ie: Friday from 2 :00 PM onwards. The main aim behind this workshop is to educate and aware people about the AI tool & Technology
    Details are as follows:
    1. Title  of Workshop  : "Get Started AI with  Matlab"
    2. Name of Guest      : Mr. Manoj Kumar, Sr. Application Engineer  
    3. Date of Event        :  November 3, 2023
    4. Day                      : Friday
    4. Time of Event        : 2 :00 PM Onwards
    5. Venue                   : C BLOCK ,AUDITORIUM, Sitapura Campus
    6. Conducted by        : Department of Engineering & Technology

  • 02



    Industrial visit Department Of Allied Health Science

    As our 1st semester student's 2023 batch has visited Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital.
    Date: 2nd November 2023
    Faculties who visited along with students
    1.Mr. MD Aziz
    2.Mr.Shubam Pachauri 
    3.Mr.Sabrez Alam
    4.Dr.Priya Gouri
    Objective of the Visit:
    The primary objective of this visit was to immerse our 2023 batch students in a practical learning experience, allowing them to Observe Specialized Medical Procedures like to Gain firsthand exposure to specialized medical procedures in various departments, including Cardiology, Radiology, Pathology, Emergency Care, and Surgical Units. And Interacted with Healthcare Professionals,   enabling students to learn directly from experienced practitioners, ask questions, and understand the nuances of their roles.
    Hands-on Experience with Medical Equipment  with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technologies, enhancing their technical skills and confidence in handling equipment used in allied health professions. Application of Theoretical Knowledge which Bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom and its practical application in a hospital setting, emphasizing the relevance and importance of their academic studies.

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  • 01



    Expert Talk on Mulligan Concept A Physiotherapy innovative Technique

    Inauguration Ceremony of the much-anticipated expert talk on the "Mulligan Concept" taking place on November 1, 2023, starting at 10:00 AM, at the Seminar Hall, Department of Physiotherapy.
    Join us as we commence this event, featuring distinguish expert in the field who will unravel the intricacies and applications of the Mulligan Concept.

    Event Details :

    Date - November 1, 2023
    Time - 10:00 AM onwards
    Venue - Seminar Hall, Department of Physiotherapy

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  • 30



    Business Quiz Competition, 30th October 2023

    We are pleased to inform you that the Faculty of Management Studies are organizing a Business quiz competition on the 30th October 2023, Monday, at C- block Sitapura campus.

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  • 28



    Intra University Football Tournament, 28th October, 2023

    Intra University Football Tournament being organised on the 28th of October..! Event will be organized at chaksu campus. Interested teams may submit their entries to Abhishek sir for sitapura campus and Sanjeev sir for Chaksu campus.

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  • 19



    Internal Hackathon for SIH 2023

    IIC Cell of Jagannath University is going to organize an Internal Hackathone for SIH 2023 on 19th October, 2023 at Sitapura Campus.

    This event aligns with our organization's commitment to fostering innovation, creativity, and technological excellence. We aim to prepare a highly competitive team for the upcoming Smart India Hackathon (SIH) 2023. The internal hackathon will serve as a platform to bring forth innovative solutions and ideas while promoting collaboration, problem-solving, and learning.

    To ensure the success of this event, we kindly request your support and participation as well. We believe that your expertise and guidance will be invaluable in helping us prepare a competitive team for SIH 2023.

    We eagerly await your response and are open to any suggestions or feedback you may have. Your support will be instrumental in making this internal hackathon a resounding success and in representing our organization with pride at SIH 2023.

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  • 12



    Invitation to join us for World Arthritis Day

    Physiotherapy Department extends an invitation to you to participate in our commemoration of World Arthritis Day Celebration, a global initiative designed to increase awareness of arthritis and its effects on people worldwide.

    Event Details-
    Date - 12th October 2023
    Time - 10 AM onwards
    Venue -  Auditorium C block, Sitapura Campus 

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  • 20



    International Day of Yoga (IDY) 21st June,2023

    21st June, 2023 University will celebrate the International Day of Yoga (IDY). It is requested that all of you kindly attend this session with your department students. The Yoga session will start from 10:00 am so kindly wear comfortable outfits during yoga and do not take heavy breakfast before yoga which will help you in yoga asanas.

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  • 13




    The Grand Event "Fireless Cooking Competition" on "World Food Safety Day" which is going to be organized by the Department of Allied Health Sciences on  14 June 2023 ie: Wednesday from 12:30 PM onwards. The main aim behind this  competition is to raise awareness about food safety practices and the importance of healthy eating habits. By participating, They will  have the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, learn new techniques, and contribute to a safer and healthier food culture.
    We have also organized an Expertise Talk on "Food Standards Save Lives" by Dr Vineeta Bansal(Phd,R.D,D.Y.N) Associate Professor & Head-Dept of Clinical Nutrition Dietetics, Mahatma Gandhi Medical college and Hospital, Jaipur.
    Details are as follows:
    1. Name of Event: World Food Safety Day
    3. Date of Event:  14 June 2023
    4. Day: Wednesday
    4. Time of Event: 12:30 PM Onwards
    5. Venue: C BLOCK,Auditorium
    6. Conducted by : Department of Allied Health Sciences

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  • 13



    Invitation for Fireless Cooking Competition on 14 June @ AHS

    The Department of  Allied Health Science cordially invite you and your mentees for the Fireless Cooking Competition  to be held on 14 june from 12:30 -3:00 PM , at Auditorium, C Block, Sitapura campus.

    Fireless cooking is an innovative approach to preparing delicious meals without the use of open flames or traditional cooking appliances. This method is not only safe but also promotes energy conservation and sustainability. We encourage our students to explore various fireless cooking techniques

    This competition aims to raise awareness about food safety practices and the importance of healthy eating habits. By participating, They will  have the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, learn new techniques, and contribute to a safer and healthier food culture.
    Here's what they need to know to participate:

    1) Form a team of 2-4 students. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

    2) Register that team at Allied Health Science Department.

    3) Prepare a fireless dish of their choice. They can choose from a wide range of recipes such as salads, sandwiches, desserts, or even sweet and nutritious and healthier dishes.

    4) 100% Be sure to use safe and hygienic food handling practices throughout the process.

    5) Bring their own fireless dish and any necessary presentation materials to the event. Whatever the required things you have to bring on your own like blows, plates, dishes, knives, spoons, napkins, towels, decorative things etc.

       Note : Nothing will be provided by the organizing department.
    6) Each team will have a designated space to set up their creations.
    A panel of esteemed external and internal judges will evaluate each dish based on creativity, taste, presentation, and healthier dishes.
    7) Winners would be awarded including certificates and recognition for your talents at our website.
    So, gather your friends, and join us on June 14th for an unforgettable fireless cooking experience. Let's celebrate World Food Safety Day by promoting safe and healthy cooking practices!

    I request all the Deans/HoDs to ensure the participation of students from their respective departments as it is student activity.

    For any inquiries or registration details, please contact Allied Health science Department.
    We look forward to your enthusiastic participation and the healthy and tastier dishes you'll create!

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  • 03



    Reporting and Data Visualization

    Mr Shubham Bhatt  is Manager, Analyst Data Science at Jio Platforms, Mumbai. He has over 10 years experience in Business Analytics. He has been instrumental in strategic operations of reliance retail projects.

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  • 30



    World Anti Tobacco Day Rally On 31 MAY 2023

    The Grand Event "World Anti Tobacco Day Rally" which is going to be organized by the Department of Allied Health Sciences on 31 MAY 2023 ie: Wednesday from 10:00 AM onwards. The main aim behind this Rally is awareness among the  people about the Harmful effects and life threatening dangers related to Tobacco Consumption. 
    Details are as follows :
    1. Name of Event : World Anti Tobacco Day Rally
    3. Date of Event :  31 May 2023
    4. Day : Wednesday
    4. Time of Event : 10:00 AM Onwards
    5. Venue : In front of JNIT Block
    6. Conducted by : Department of Allied Health Sciences

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  • 24



    Regarding Weight Lifting Tournament

    Jagannath University, Department of Student Welfare is going to organize an Intra University Weight Lifting Tournament for the university Students. The tournament will be held at both the campuses on 25th May, 2023 at Chaksu campus and 26th May, 2023 at Sitapura campus. For the details students may contact to the following coordinators:

    At Chaksu Campus (Date: 25th May, 2023 Time: 6.00PM -7.00 PM)

    Faculty Coordinators: Mr.Praveen Bhardwaj (8349046687) and Dr.Rakesh Agarwal (8899701897)

    Student Coordinators: Yogesh Kumar (8825309877) and Shubham Verma (7876902426)

    At Sitapura Campus (Date: 26th May, 2023 Time: 6.00PM -7.00 PM)

    Faculty Coordinators: Mr.Dayaram Choudhary (9079354246) and Dr. Hemant Gurjar (9664263038)

    Student Coordinators: Prabhakar Shrivastava (6202811072) and Sachin Rawat(9058574028)

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  • 11



    Industrial visit on 12 May 2023 @Jaipur Rugs - Department of Management

    We are organizing an industrial visit for the Department of Managment on 12 May 2023 at Jaipur Rugs. Please find the detailed information visit below and please do the needed arrangements on the department level like bus arrangements, fund collection for food, attendance, etc. Also, Kindly share a list of students who will be going for industrial visits so it can be shared with the company.

    About the Company: (Textile Manufacturing) Jaipur Rugs,  is built on the fundamental principle of conserving ancestral know-how and connecting rural craftsmanship with global consumers, in a manner that spreads kindness and benefits all our stakeholders. It uses the age-old art of handmade carpets as a tool to bring prosperity to 40,000 rural artisans of which 80% are women. Founded in 1978 by Nand Kishore Chaudhary with two looms, it now has over 7000 looms and sells in over 60 countries. Today the company creates contemporary works of art by collaborating with creative talents capable of showcasing this ancestral craft with a new vision.

    Date: 12th May 23
    Time: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM  
    Lunch:  2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (the charge is  INR 70/- pp for lunch)
    Max student count: 50
    Itinerary of the Day: 
    Village Visit - Manpura
    9:00 am - 10:00 am College to Manpura (Travel Time) 1 Hour
    10:00 am – 1:00 Interaction with weavers, try hands on the loom 1 Hour
    Head Office (2:00 pm)
    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Lunch 1 Hour
    3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Rug Show &  – Deepak Chaturvedi 1 Hour
    4:00 pm - 4:30 pm HRD  Interaction 30 mins

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  • 11



    Recent Trends in Indian Banking

    Mr Jitendra Pal Singh is General Manager, Mid Corporate Branch Head at Indian Bank, Jaipur. He has over 20 years experience in corporate and retail banking. The speaker initiated the discussion by asking the students  about Indian Banking System .He followed the discussion on the problems faced by the students as customers.

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  • 10



    Hon'ble Prime Minister Sir's Address

    The Government of India declared May 11 as National Technology Day in the year 1999 and since then the day holds a special significance for the entire Nation. With India progressing at a fast pace in the field of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the theme for this year's National Technology Day is School to Startups - Igniting Young Minds.
    The Hon'ble Prime Minister's address is planned to be broadcasted to all students in schools and higher education institutions via webcast.
    Time : 10.45 AM onwards.

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  • 04



    IQAC and HRDC, Jagannath University, Jaipur are organising Adobe Express Workshop

    IQAC and HRDC, Jagannath University, Jaipur are organising  Adobe Express Workshop as per the following schedule -IQAC and HRDC, Jagannath University, Jaipur are organising  Adobe Express Workshop as per the following schedule -

    Training Schedule -

    Meeting Link: (on Zoom) :

    4 hours of Training : 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

    Date : 07/05/2023

    Online session of faculty : 2:00 hour

    Hands-on Lab : 2:00 hours

    Training Mode : Online

    Prerequisites : A computer or laptop with full internet connectivity is required.

    The session will be conducted by our experienced Adobe experts, who will provide an interactive and engaging learning experience to help you get the most out of the Adobe Express tool.

    During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to : 

    1. Understand the features and functionalities of Adobe Express
    2. Learn how to create engaging and interactive content using Adobe Express.
    3. Discover how Adobe Express can be used to enhance student engagement and improve learning outcomes.
    4. Network and collaborate with faculty members.
    5. We believe that this workshop will provide you with valuable insights and skills that can be applied in your teaching and research activities.

    Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to your participation in the workshop.

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  • 14



    The National Moot Court Competition

    In these times, while we are combating the crisis that has precariously driven us to the edge of our existence, we at the Faculty of Law, Jagan Nath University are committed to a show of cooperative and collective resilience. We have planned to organize the National Moot Court Competition on April 15-17, 2023, to provide an opportunity where aspiring lawyers can enhance their legal proficiencies and mooting skills with a unique concept. We are looking for the participation of law students enrolled in the 5-Year (integrated programme) and 3 years LLB programme with the aim to inspire, promote, and inculcate drafting & writing techniques, oratory skills, and research skills. The competition strives to give a platform to the budding lawyers to imbibe analytical skills in real-time situations. The aim is to engage students and allow them to have first-hand experience with the complexities of the law.

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3rd JU National Moot Court Competition,
April 6th - 8th, 2024 (NMCC-2024)