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Vision and Mission


To develop the University as a Centre of Excellence for higher education and research committed towards quality education, skill development, industry integration and holistic eco-system for global competencies among youth and sustainable development of the Nation.


The University aspires to achieve its vision by:

  1. Innovative, job-oriented and professional academic programs for capacity building in view of the emerging trends of the economy.
  2. Enable students equipped with knowledge and competences to perform successfully in modern organizations in India and abroad.
  3. Training students in generic and life skills in addition to core discipline subjects to enhance employability in job market and for entrepreneurship.
  4. Engaging students and faculty in research, extension services, consultancy, community development projects, curricular and extra-curricular activities for holistic education.
  5. Promoting use of digital technologies and self-learning resources like MOOCs, Coursera, Virtual Labs, Online Resources, Self-Learning, etc. for enriching information and knowledge.
  6. Inculcating a culture of excellence among students and faculty.
  7. Developing a sense of ownership and pride among employees to achieve organizational targets as well as their personal goals.
  8. Developing curriculum, training and internship programs to enhance global competencies of absolvents.
  9. Blending skill, entrepreneurship and capacity building for sustainable development coherent with environmental and economic sustainability.

Core Values

Quality Education
Promoting quality education through modern learning technologies and delivery models while pursuing the UGC quality mandate parameters

Holistic Approach
Holistic education approach commensurate with social, cultural, economic and environmental realities.

Global Competencies
Preparing students to achieve core competencies to face global challenges successfully.

Technology Applications
Effective use of ICT and digital learning resources optimally for achieving excellence.

Industry Integration
Bridging gaps between theory and practice with a focus on skill development and industry integration.

Good Governance
Following good governance principles being accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive, rule of law, participating and consensus-oriented in the process of making and implementation of decisions.

Intellectual Capital Growth
Contributing to human resource development and capacity building of individuals to cater to the needs of the economy, society and country leading to development of the nation.

Culture of Excellence
Promoting culture of excellence among students and faculty in teaching-learning process, research and extension services as drive to develop centres of excellence.


To realize its vision and mission, the University has set the following objectives:

  1. To introduce innovative, job-oriented and professional programs in emerging areas of science and technology, allied health sciences and management.
  2. To make skill development an integral part of delivery of education for enhancing employability and entrepreneurship among graduates.
  3. To encourage the use of digital learning resources along with traditional methods for keeping pace with the changing technological environment.
  4. To promote research, innovations, extension services, community projects, sports and cultural activities for holistic education.
  5. To strengthen collaborations with industrial and professional organizations for practical exposure and better placements.
  6. To create state-of-the-art infrastructural resources and facilities for quality education.
  7. To establish student centric environment on the campus with gender equity.
  8. To motivate and orient faculty to strive for and to sustain advanced levels of teaching and research so that the University emerges as an excellent centre of learning.
  9. To implement outcome based education, quality mandate and holistic concerns towards implementation of New Education Policy (NEP).
  10. To establish transparency, accountability, responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness, etc. in governance practices at all levels.
  11. To achieve self-sustainability through quantitative and qualitative expansions.

Quality Policy

Jagan Nath University, Jaipur is committed to impart quality education and strives to be a globally recognized centre of excellence in higher education. It aspires to achieve it by:

  1. Ensuring topical and relevant curriculum;
  2. Adept delivery mechanism;
  3. Relevant research and consultancy;
  4. State-of-the-art infrastructural and learning resources
  5. Active involvement of stakeholders and industry experts in decision making;
  6. Creation of congenial and conducive student centric work environment; and
  7. An effective governance system.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan