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Vision and Mission


To be an Institution of Academic excellence with total commitment to quality education, research and improvement in human values with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society.


To serve the society and improve quality of life by nurturing high quality talent, providing excellent academic and research environment, consultancy services and promoting dissemination of knowledge.

Core Values

University adopted a set of values as they were always at the heart of the institution right before it’s establishment -

Respect Dignity of Life

To ensure the respect for and belief in one’s own life, as a life fully awakened to one’s own potential, respects and encourages the same in others making the surroundings blossom with growth, happiness and peace.

Practice Excellence

Excellence is encouraged as a way of life through - cultivating innovation, rational and prudence.

Promote Academic Freedom

Encourage the freedom of attainment and delivery in pursuit of knowledge.

Citizenship Behaviour

Promoting voluntary commitment in all spheres of life and environment – individual, organization, society at large and natural environment


University strengthens its educational environment and creates synergistic effect through diversity inclusion.

Openness to experiment and experience

University encourages the wisdom of learning by doing


Uphold the highest ethical standards in teaching, research, public engagement and service and maintaining honesty and ethics in all interactions.