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A Student Council is a team of student representatives for curricular or extracurricular activities for students. The purpose of the Student Council is to serve as a channel through which the student community can put forward their opinions and concerns. The Student Council shall continuously work to identify student-related issues and help resolve them, thus building a healthy environment and all round development of the students in the University.

Objectives of Student Council Cell

  1. To officially represent all the students in the University.
  2. To identify and help solve problems encountered by students in the University.
  3. To communicate its opinion to the University administration on any matter that concerns students and on which the council wishes to be consulted.
  4. To promote and encourage the involvement of students in organizing University activities.

Role and Responsibilities of the Student Council

  1. To promote the interest of students among the University administration, staff and parents.
  2. To inform students about any subject that concerns them
  3. To Identify and help solve problems encountered by students in the University.
  4. To consult students on any issue of importance.
  5. To organize educational and recreational activities for students.
  6. To participate in developing the University's educational projects and to promote the same amongst the students.
  7. To organize an activity to recognize the efforts of students in organizing University activities.
  8. To propose activities to the University administration that would improve the quality of life in the University.
  9. To maintain good relations, out of mutual respect, with the University staff (teaching and non-teaching personnel) and parents.

Student Council also contributes in the academic review process through a mechanism of feedback on curriculum given by class representative to the respective Deans/HoDs. Student suggestions are put up for discussion and review by the Deans/HoDs in the department Board of Studies meeting and thereafter in the academic council.

Office order of Student Council(SC) 2023-24

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