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Research Publications & Books

Faculty International Journal National Journal Total Books
Faculty of Engg & Tech 357 43 400 34
Faculty of Managment 24 05 29 03
Faculty of Law 20 88 108 22
Faculty of Science 144 238 382 18
S. No Publication / Articles/Journal Title Download
1 University News Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights:Need of the times Click Here
2 Private Universities in India : Challenges and Opportunities Prof. Dr. M. M. Goel Click Here
3 Educational Governance Prof. (Dr.) M.M Goel Click Here
4 Performance of Multinational vs. Domestic Firms: Review of Related Literature Prof. (Dr.) M. M. Goel , Meenu Gupta Click Here
5 Unique Honour of An Academician as a Research Guide in Economics Economics - A Research Journey with Professor M.M Goel Click Here
6 Rationale for Real Education Without Examinations Prof. (Dr.) M.M Goel Click Here
7 Youth Development Index: A Necessary Innovation for Development of the Country Prof. (Dr.) M.M Goel Click Here
8 Excellence Models for Teachers in the changing Economic Scenario Prof. (Dr.) M.M Goel Click Here
9 An Analysis of Indian MNC’s Prof. Dr. M.M Goel, Meenu Gupta Click Here
10 Construction of Health Infrastructure Index in Haryana: An Econometric Approach Prof. (Dr.) M. M. Goel , Ishu Garg Click Here
11 Technical Efficiency of Health Sector in Haryana: An Analysis Prof. (Dr.) M. M. Goel , Ishu Garg Click Here