Admission 2024-2025

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Peer Review Process

JURJ follows Blind Peer Review process by the following steps:

Step 1: (Author)

Author submits his/her manuscript to JURJ by mailing to [email protected]

Step 2: (Editor)

The submitted manuscript will be checked by the software for plagiarism If the manuscript is found plagiarism free then Editor in chief forward the article to appropriate reviewers related to that subject and author does not aware about the reviewer (Blind Peer Review Process).

Step 3: (Reviewer)

Reviewer will check the manuscript and give the status of the paper as following:

  1. Accepted
  2. Accepted with modification
  3. Rejected

Editor sends this confirmation to author by mail for the status of paper. If paper is accepted then editor will also request to author to send final manuscript and copyright form.

Step 4: (Publisher)

Publisher will publish the accepted paper in coming issue and provides information to author with published paper link.

3rd JU National Moot Court Competition,
April 6th - 8th, 2024 (NMCC-2024)