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Volume 1, Issue 1

Design and Analysis of Dual Band Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna

Author: Sudarshan Kumar Jain

Abstract: In this paper a dual band microstrip circular patch antenna with high gain is proposed. The antenna is designed at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and it has dual band characteristics. Due to the dual band characteristics, antenna can be used for the two resonant frequencies. The microstrip line feeding method is used here to energize the designed dual band antenna. Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of the designed circular patch antenna is less than 2. The different characteristics of the antenna such as return loss(S11), gain, bandwidth, directivity, radiated field and VSWR is analysed for the two substrates such as Rogers RT/duroid 5880 and Arlon AD250 having different dielectric permittivity. The gain of the designed antenna is 6.93dB and 7.12dB using Arlon AD250 and Rogers RT/duroid 5880 respectively.

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Experimental Investigation of Reinforced Concrete T-Beam using GFRP composites

Author: Dr. Bharat Nagar

Abstract: Due to deterioration of concrete civil engineers need some alternative techniques to save lots of the structure. During this research the effect of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are studied on the varied loading condition by covering FRP [7] sheets along the varied structure members. During this experimental study five ferroconcrete T beams were casted and every one five beams were weak in flexure, out of those one is taken as controlled and other beams were strengthened by using continuous optical fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) sheets in flexure zone.

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Overall Awareness Level of Rural Women about Traditional and Modern Water Saving Methods Used In Western Rajasthan

Author: Nisha Meena, Dr. P.N. Kalla and Dr. GeetaMohan

Abstract: The present investigation was undertaken to study the profile of rural women and awareness about water saving methods. A sample of 120 women were selected from six villages of two panchayat samities Bikaner and Kolayat of Bikaner district. The findings of the present study revealed that the majority of the respondents were illiterate. The overall awareness level regarding water saving methods of rural women was medium. They were used water saving methods in household activities.

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Dilemma of Undergraduate Students Studying Mathematics: Metrics or Matrices

Author: Sunny Seth and Sanjive Saxena

Abstract: In today's scenario, students are perplexed about the usage and applications of metrics and matrices in real life scenario. Their dilemma continues as to what constitutes metrics and matrices and how they are related to the context in question. The research paper is designed to seek answers to the following research questions (a) for a student, what constitutes matrices when it comes to practical applications in real world scenario? And (b) for a student, what metrics are needed for supplementing the matrices?. In seeking answers to these research questions, the development of the paper follows a structured methodology. Commencing with the process of formulation of the topic backed up with reasons as to freezing of the topic formulation. It then gradually moves to the process of development of questionnaire, followed by purposive sampling for data collection. The sample size is 181 after validations and verifications checks. The findings are depicted in the form of matrices and metrics so as to drive the basic concepts. Ms excel software is used to demonstrate the real life applications. Findings indicate that metrics are dependent on the context and matrices are used appropriately to provide information pertaining to the context. The limitation is the small sample size. The contribution to the study is the linking of theory with the practical applications.

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Oil Extraction, Cultivation, & Seed Cake for Various Type of Edible Oil & Non-Edible Seeds

Author: Krishna Murari Gupta and Rakesh Kumar

Abstract: Rundown as of late, the commercial potential of oil extraction and biodiesel production derived from vegetable seed is being realized. The process energy input requirements are important factors in oil extraction and biodiesel production. This research work investigated oil extraction from non- edible & edible seeds and compared extraction yield with the energy load. The effect of moisture content on the oil yield was compared between a mechanical oil expeller, organic solvent extraction, organic solvent and microwave assisted, organic solvent and ultrasonic assisted, and combined microwave and ultrasonic with organic solvent. The maximum oil yields % wt./wt. from these techniques was 22.6%, 36.3%, 10.0%, 42.0% and 27.8%, respectively. The moisture content had a significant effect on oil yield with the mechanical oil expeller, organic solvent method and ultrasonic assisted extraction, whereas no or little effect was found on microwave-assisted extraction. The microwave-assisted extraction showed better results compared with the ultrasonic-assisted and combined treatment methods. The relative energy consumption of these processes was experimentally investigated; energy ratios were calculated based on the amount of energy recovered to the amount of energy supplied to the flax seed for oil extraction.

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Multi-server Finite Waiting-space Encouraged Arrival Queuing System with Reverse Reneging

Author: Bhupender Kumar Som, Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma and Sunny Seth

Abstract: It can be seen in every business now-a-days that due to high competition, each firm strives to function smoothly and efficiently to meet customers demand and serve them in the best possible way. Queuing theory plays a very important role here. Queuing models can help firms to understand their performance in advance which can help them prepare well for providing smooth and efficient service to their customers and can enable them to sustain in the long run. As any mistake can prove to be fatal for the reputation of the firm and can adversely affect sustainability of the firm. Firms offer deals and discounts to encourage customers to join the system. Due to encouragement of discounts customers even wait for a longer period of time in the system to avail service. This phenomenon is known as reverse reneging. In this paper we will study a queuing model for any firm encountering encouraged arrivals, reverse reneging and having finite waiting space, operating with multiple parallel servers.

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An Effect of Osteopathy Manipulative technique of Sacral Base Correction in Non Specific Low Back Pain as Compare with Conventional Physiotherapy Treatment

Author: Dr. Jasvinder Singh

Abstract: Subjects: - 28 subjects having clinical diagnosis of Non Specific Low Back Pain were randomly allocated to experimental and control group consisting of 14 patients each with mean age (S.D) = 44(6.87) and 46(6.86) respectively. Methodology: - A randomized prospective study design was used. Group a received Osteopathy Manipulative technique of Sacral Base Correction. Group B received S.W.D, Traction and Therapeutic exercises (CONVENTIONAL PHYSIOTHERAPY (CP) for two weeks. All subjects were measured for pain by Visual analog scale on 1st day and at the end of 2nd week. Result:-The data collected was statistically analyzed using unpaired test. The result shows that there is significant reduction in terms of pain in group A. Conclusion:The result of present study suggest that Osteopathy Manipulative technique of Sacral Base Correction is effective in reducing pain and thus it is rational enough to consider Osteopathy Manipulative technique of Sacral Base Correction as a part of treatment protocol in Non Specific Low Back Pain .

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Dispersion Management using Multicore Hybrid Cladding in Photonic Crystal Fiber

Author: Megha Vilasrao Kumawat and Dr.Ramesh Bharti

Abstract: This paper presents and explores a new design of hybrid Photonic Crystal Fiber (HPCF) with different cladding for obtaining low dispersion in a wide range of wavelength band. The fundamental mode of dispersion for such a Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) is analyzed mathematically using Finite difference time domain (FDTD) method. In a given proposed design circular and elliptical air holes are placed to in a circle of boundary. Proposed structure offers low dispersion (-4 to 8) ps/(km.nm) for a wavelength range of 1.15 to 1.65 ?m. Proposed structure can be used for different applications such like optical communication and sensors.

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Studying the relationship between Perceived Service Quality and Perceived Satisfaction towards Online Health Information: A Regression Analysis

Author: Dr.Vaishali Sharma and Ms.Mahima Gupta

Abstract: This research paper is an opportunity to put across the relatedness of respondent perceived service quality and respondent satisfaction towards online health information. It is the health infrastructure of a country which acts as the backbone in times of crisis. With rising internet and SNS culture people are resorting to finding and reading Online Health Information (OHI) and this impacts their decision making related to overall health infrastructure. OHI engages consumers through various blogs, health related websites, SNS and more. Many hospitals have their own websites for information dispersal. Consumers of this information form perception of service quality and satisfaction towards the OHI provided online. This further affects them positively or otherwise. Hence it becomes imperative to study these factors related to OHI and their relationship with each other. A survey was conducted to understand people's response towards OHI. Our universe comprises respondents from in and around Delhi NCR, India. The data has been collected through a self-constructed google form and techniques of correlation, t- test have been used through spss version 17.0 for data analysis.

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Biomass Energy: An Alternate Source of Energy

Author: Dr. Ranjeeta Soni

Abstract: Biomass energy is energy generated or produced by living organisms. the most common biomass materials used for energy are plants, crop residues, cattle dung,organic wastes etc. the energy from organisms or materials can be burned or decompose to create heat or converted into electricity. it can abundantly produced in rural it can be a source of alternate energy. Biomass energy can extract by various method like thermo chemical, biochemical and agrochemical process. direct combustion, pyrolysis and gasification are the part of thermo chemical process. anaerobic digestion and alcohol fermentation production are the part of biochemical process. in agrochemical process extraction of biofuel from some xerophytes plant.

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Role and challenges of School Internship in B.Ed. Program

Author: Dr. Manju Gupta

Abstract: In this paper, the current B.Ed. There is a detailed discussion on the school-based training program in colleges. B.Ed. The syllabus, which was formerly a year, has been bi-annually since 2015. According to the National Council for Teacher Education (Regulations, Standards and Procedures) Regulations 2014 passed by the National Council for Teacher Education, B.Ed. The school-based program has been made a mandatory part of the curriculum. The school-based training program is scheduled for 20 weeks. The school-based training program is divided into two parts. B.Ed. School-based training has been prescribed for 4 weeks in the first year of the course and 16 weeks in the second year. Its main objective is to create an effective teacher by keeping students engaged in school activities. School-based training provides students with the opportunity to fulfill the responsibilities of a full-time teacher in the school. In this paper, the current B.Ed. Objectives of school-based training programs in colleges, school allocation, B.Ed. The role of the college, state government, and affiliation university and the problems faced by the students are discussed in detail. (susma n. gogan feb. 2019)

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Importance of Internship Program in Teacher's Training Programe

Author: Deepika Sharma

Abstract: To make life successful, education is needed, not just a degree. Our degree is - our service is my humility and simplicity of life. If this degree is not attained and my soul is not awakened, then the degree of paper is meaningless. The above line related to education reflects the importance of education. Our government is also committed to education. This is the reason why our government implemented the Right to Education Act 2009, National Curriculum Framework 2005 and National Curriculum Building Teacher-Education 2009 for the promotion and dissemination of education, stating that the teacher's responsibility is not only to communicate the content but also the students Concepts and knowledge have to be built naturally, for this, training of teachers is required from time to time. This training can be in any form of serving and pre-service as training is a practical skill in which I can achieve the required level of proficiency in my business. Training also has special importance in teacher education program. Earlier training in teacher education used to be in the form of practice teaching, but in the new context, now the term school-based training (internship) has been used in place of practice teaching. The school-based training program conceptualized in the new curriculum has been started by the National Council of Teacher Education in consultation with the Ministry of Human Resource Development so that the student teacher grows into a contemplative and mature professional.

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Corona Lockdown: Resolving conflicts in Housing societies

Author: Dr. Jyotsana Sharma, Shivani Wadhwab and Sanjive Saxena

Abstract: The global social emergency, Corona Lockdown has transformed the world. So destructive and lethal is Corona it has put almost all the countries of the world to go into defensive posture by enforcing lockdowns. These lockdowns generate conflicts. This study deals with the resolution of conflicts in Housing societies of NCR region. The design of the paper follows a structured approach. Commencing with the process of defining the topic and an extensive literature review the following research questions were formulated (a) what constitutes conflict during the lockdown period in housing societies? (b) what core components of conflict are needed to be addressed, on priority, so as to ensure effective compliance to government's order? The next stage moved to the process of designing questionnaire. The responses were collected by means of Google Forms. Descriptive statistical techniques were applied for data analysis. The findings indicate that conflicts has different meanings for different class of respondents and accordingly RWA's must devise action plan for managing the conflicts which will be interest of the residents as well as meeting the compliance of government directives. The limitation is the small sample size of 380 and the incremental increase of lockdown period which generated the feeling of getting used to it. The contribution to the study is that this study deals with the conflicts arising due to current crisis. Future recommendations that since Corona is here to stay and that it is generating new trends and patterns which itself will generate new conflicts and hence new avenues for research. The conclusion of the study is the fact that conflict must be scoped or defined unambiguously and once defined the core components must be identified by stakeholders so as to ensure that day to day operations are performed efficiently and effectively for resolving the conflict.

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Dynamics of socio-legal jurisprudence

Author: Dr. C. P. Gupta and Mr.Tarun Batra

Abstract: Socio-Legal jurisprudence and the concept are also the result of the anti-wave system produced by the school of analysis and history.The relationship between good law and the interests of justice also affects the legal environment. The social environment of control has already arisen due to the emergence of various conceptions of laws. Sociological considerations though have a significant impact on legitimate legal thinking. Law and morality are always endorsed by the thinkers of natural law which is also true.

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