JU Alumni Network | Jagan Nath University, Jaipur

Vision and Mission


To develop the University as a Centre of Excellence for higher education and research committed towards quality education, skill development, industry integration and holistic eco-system for global competencies among youth and sustainable development of the Nation.


The University aspires to achieve its vision by:

  1. Bridging the communication gap and developing strong relationship between alumni and the University.
  2. Promoting exchange of academic and corporate experience between the alumni and the alma mater.
  3. Promoting a sense of University pride among alumni and fostering companionship among the alumni and alma mater.
  4. Seeking alumni assistance in generating placement opportunities for the current students.
  5. Seeking financial and non financial contribution from the alumni for the academic, administrative and cultural growth of the university.
  6. Developing alumni program that encourage growth of the University.