Alumni Association Dean's Message

From the Dean's Desk

Dr. Renu Bagoria
Dr. Renu Bagoria.jpg
Dean, Alumni Association

Warm greetings to all of you!

As Dean of the Alumni Cell, I am greatly delighted to address you through this platform. I consider it an honour to welcome you all to this alumni portal. It is indeed my earnest desire to bring the alumni closer through this medium, and I truly believe that this portal will reconnect all of us.

My dear Alumni, you are our foremost brand ambassadors and can play a vital role in the development of your Alma mater with your ideas and suggestions. We, at Jagan Nath University, wish to nurture a rich culture among the you all which leads to building of a strong and connected alumni network.

The objective of JU Konnect is to connect and establish a wide network among all the alumni. The Alumni as well as the association could contribute in a multiple ways. Firstly, you all can contribute to your alma mater through your expertise and experience. Secondly as a part of our proud legacy you all can connect with each other and think and suggest how we can further strengthen our bond.

Though we are in the initial stage, through JU Konnect, later on we are also planning to form local chapters in India and abroad, developing and creating a global presence. Besides it will also provide a platform of enhancing our connect with the industry, through, internships, seminares, workshops, lectures and other initiatives which would help the students community gain exposure and build successful careers.

I am sure that our Alumni would bring laurels to us and become the brand builders for the university. I would be looking forward to your suggestions to make our Alumni community and the university as a whole, more vibrant, informative and highly interactive.

We are together embarking on a journey that would benefit the Alumni, the university and society at large. We would love to listen and interact with you and know your success stories as Jagannath University Alumni. You can reach us at [email protected].

Best wishes!

Dean, Alumni Association