Sourabh Sandeep

Sourabh Sandeep
Sourabh Sandeep
MBA, Batch : 2015-17
Sr. Recruiter & Certified Life Coach

Challenges, Acceptance and Positivity during Pandemic

Since this Covid -19 has strikes on all of us, it has taken away many happiness, delightful moments, joy and Gratifications of our life. We get surrounded every day by the news channels talking pandemic updates, death counts, and overall gloom and doom. Our social life is gravely cramped, and we have to make sure we have the required number of masks before moving out.

All this cynicism is coming up with a whole new set of socially accepted excuses and solace for working professionals:

  • "I would have been successful if this Coronavirus situation weren't in existence."
  • "No one is buying or selling due to Covid-19."
  • "I was doing great before Covid-19."
  • "This Zoom/Skype stuff is horrible! I can't build relationships unless I can get face to face!"

How do we fight with all this negativity and globally accepted excuses?

First, we have to understand nothing is forever, this too shall pass,
During this extremely challenging situation, we must work to increasing our "emotional" stamina. We must stay away from the news channel and negative thoughts and we must remember, while the virus may pass, our new way of doing pursuit virtually may never be same again. Then, we must aspire to make the New challenges of this changed world in to the Normal and better accepted challenges. What you can control is your attitude and the development of your skills. I think Tom Peters said it best:
"It's real simple: if you are not able to do more, better and faster than THEYare able to do more, better and faster, then you are getting LESS BETTER orMORE WORSE."
Choose to be positive: -
My motto of this article is not just to make you understand to accept the new changes and challenges due to Covid - 19, but also to develop a positive mind set to deal with it in our normal routine!" To lay the groundwork for such disposition one must Choose to be positive.

Being positive is choice and decision. Make the decision to live your life with a positive approach, Positivity offers many benefits and dividends to be reaped over the years of your life and makes you a bright light that shines in the midst of the darkness of negativity.
To be positive means to be:

  • Constructive in intention or attitude
  • Showing optimism and confidence
  • Showing pleasing progress, gain, or improvement, with no possibility of doubt
  • Clear and definite approach

Attitude, along with aptitude, determines altitude – how high one will fly in life. Having a positive attitude can help you overcome this fear and anxiety of what will happen next during this covid-19. Just like positivity, optimism creates magnetism. Pessimism repels people. Become clear and definite about your purpose during this pandemic. Become faithful and trustful in your abilities to live out and perform your life's higher purpose.

Defeat negativity: -
Positivity neutralizes negativity.
If person says something negative or if you witness anything negative, try to say something positive or do something which will make you more certain about your purpose to be positive in response to what was is been said or seen, and after a couple of rounds of going back and forth and matching negativity with positivity, the negative situation would retreat and your mind will stay calm. You can defeat negativity around you by remaining positive.

One must visualize, you are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Let's face it there is no middle ground. You are either accepting the socially accepted excuses associated with Covid-19 or you are seeing it as a unique opportunity to raise your skillset and do SWOTanalysis of yourself.

And yes, this phase of anxiety, sorrow and uncertainty will pass, we will win and when this will happen, we all will have one common thing with us it's the most pleasant 5 letter word in the world "Smile".