Mr. Ashok Kumar Jangir

Mr. Ashok Kumar Jangir
Mr. Ashok Kumar Jangir
Batch : 2014-18

Ashok Kumar Jangir is a Jaipur based young architect, honored with India's Most Prominent Architect & Design Awards and Brand leadership Award in "SUSTAINABLE BRAND" category by CMO ASIA origination. Having graduated with the bachelor degree in architecture from the Faculty of Architecture & Planning (JNU, Jaipur). Instead of pursuing higher studies he opted exploring other forms of visual art & design including photography, painting, sculpture, films, interior design, graphic design and product design.He has done the couple of art exhibitions of his work and He has been an organiser of the purity art festival since 2012. It is his wide-ranging artistic interests and expertise that gives ASHOKA DESIGN STUDIO its greatest edge as a provider of high-quality architecture and interior design.

As founder of Ashoka Design Studio, together with his multi-disciplinary Jaipur-based team, he brings his philosophy to life. This means creating environments where humans, as well as other living things, feel comfortable,where space planning, designing furniture and products that support andenhance human behavior and actions in everyday life.

He grew up and learned design discipline under the guidance of architect Sanjay Kothari principal architect of Kaleido, Jaipur at the beginning of his architectural career (2010-15).

His early career after graduation (2015-17) was with architect Canna Patel chairperson of HCP Interior Architecture Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, where he worked on various architectural and interior projects, and has also worked extensively with the office's publications and academic activities. Working with Canna Patel gave him a wide exposure towards professional practice.

Ashok has worked throughout India and aims to create earthy and sustainable architecture. He believes that real comfort of living is within nature and it is a designer's responsibility to respect this as well. He believes in providing high-quality design services without compromising on any front.