Shubham Mukherjee

Shubham Mukherjee
Shubham Mukherjee
Batch : 2015-17

Pursuing MBA at Jagan Nath University is a top-notch option for any student seeking individual attention from a league of knowledgeable and experienced faculty, and a more personal MBAexperience than a larger program could offer.


In my two years, I gained tremendous knowledge of many facets of business. Course offerings were diverse and covered subject areas including accounting, business strategy, business analysis, human resources, MIS/software, and supply chain. The classes were challenging, promoted critical thinking, and gave me every chance to build a robust skill set applicable to many business career paths.

Professors taught me the critical skills of being precise and concise. I transformed from an individual who spoke and wrote a great deal but said very little to a job prospect and employee who communicates powerfully with fewer words. This skill is critical when communicating with C-level or VP-level executives, whether internally at my employer or when communicating with a current or potential client. I had adequate skills to impress an employer before completing my MBA, but this institution gave me a great deal of confidence and a refined set of skills that make me a proactive decision-maker and valued employee.

I utilize many of the skills I learned from in the MBA in my profession. I am well-respected by my colleagues and employer and I am considered an employee who adds value by director, VP-level, and C-level decision makers. I simply couldn't ask for more than what I gained from the MBA program over here, and I can't say enough about the ongoing support I still receive from my former professors when I reach out for advice or an opinion five years after graduating from the program.

The greatest benefit of the program was much more than the certificate that I received at the end. It was the confidence it gave me to pursue, win and accept my current position. Thanks to the Faculty of Management, Jagan Nath University, I know that I have all of the skills to be a successful and ethical professional.