Dr. Ritu Khatri

Dr. Ritu Khatri
Dr. Ritu Khatri
MPT - Neurology
Batch : 2018-20


Q1. Share your journey from a student of Jaga Nath University to become a successful physiotherapist?

Ans. -  The journey started when I completed my Bachelor of physiotherapy ,I decided to apply for Master, one random day I went through the Jagan Nath University Website, it is quite impact-full and soon I joined the University. In the initial days I missed my home and feeling lonely but with time my interaction with faculty and juniors increased and I started liking everything . Positive environment of university helped me in my personal and professional growth. These 2 years at Jaganath University were the best years concerning learning, experience and gaining exposure to fields relevant to my discipline. I will always thank full for my teachers and management of Jaganath University . Today I work with Adventa super specialty Hospital , Rohtak and I am really thankful Jaganath University .

Q2.How do you rate the course that you have learnt in the college in relation to your current job ?

Ans. - University used to organized short courses and seminar on latest technology and Manual Therapy ,I would rate the course as 9/10 according to my experience but I must say that the course or physiotherapy technique I learned in this course are very much helpful and useful to me in my present job. Like many other students, I used to complain about college disciplined environment, hectic schedules for projects and workshops but now I realize that it was for my benefit & it has turned me into a better professional to survive in today's competitive environment.

Q3. Mention any 3 point which make you feel proud to be associate with JU as alumni?

Ans. - As the alumni of university I would love to put a light on positive side of university like

  1. Highly qualified and supportive faculty
  2. Time to time student feedback process
  3. The rigorous curriculum prepared me to sustain the worst and outshine the best.

Q4. Which is your favourite memory from university?


Ans. - It is well said that you value things when u don't have them this is very much true in my case as well. I have many beautiful memories but most favourite memory was fun filled celebration of Physiotherapy Day in 2019.