Vinit Tanwar

Vinit Tanwar
Vinit Tanwar
Batch : 2016-19

I chose this University because it aims to serve the society and improve its quality of life by nurturing high-quality talent, providing excellent research and academic environment, consultancy services and promoting the dissemination of knowledge.

What do you think of the University now?

Now, I feel the same as I felt earlier while taking admission in this University. This University gave me all the knowledge as it promised before taking admission in it. Those 3 years of BBA were amazing. I feel like reliving those moments.

What do you think of the Campus and extracurricular activities?

The University Campus is really amazing with all the facilities one would want. Even the hostel is spacious and well maintained. There are many extracurricular activities which makes a student more confident and active.

How did the University prepare you for your career?

This University gave me the opportunity of industrial visits, group discussions, extracurricular activities etc., which helped me to prepare myself for the future. In those 3 years, my personality was completely changed. I am grateful that i took admission in this University.

What advice do you have if anybody wants to take admission in this University?

I would advise everyone to research about the course properly and then choose the course you want. Don't get pressurised by what others say. Just believe that you are taking admission in the top University and your future is in good hands.