Mr. Chhajo Lal Saini

Mr. Chhajo Lal Saini
Mr. Chhajo Lal Saini
Batch : 2013-16

Why did you choose to study at Jagannath University?

There were heaps of factors which led to me becoming a part of this prestigious university. The quality of education and the high career placement rate for example.

How has your experience been so far?

In terms of experience, I might just run out of words. Everything in this world gives you an experience of life. It depends on how you take that experience forward and the way you execute it. Jagannath not only encourages me to be academically strong but also causes me to be a better person in life.

What is the best thing about being at Jagannath University?

Jaipur is a peaceful city and it is away from the hustle and bustle that I have experienced in other cities of India. That is indeed the best part of being here.

What do you think of the campus and the extracurricular activities?

It is hard to describe it in just a few words, so many things to say…; in short I will say Jagannath University has the best campus where all the facilities and services are available, nice accommodation, and nice atmosphere.

The extracurricular activities help student to expand their networks which is beneficial for finding career opportunities after graduation and Jagannath University is the only place where student can get all these.

How did the university prepare you for your career?

The University prepares you for real life situation and job to solve complex problems, develop your communication skills to become a leader, to be confident, to face the professional world.

What advice do you have if anybody wants to take admission in this university?

Explore every opportunity & face every challenge with the help of faculties which will ultimately help student to grow and learn.