Mr. Khushi Ram Yadav

Mr. Khushi Ram Yadav
Mr. Khushi Ram Yadav
Batch : 2009-11

Hello, How are you ? Could you please brief us about your work

Khushi - Hi, I am doing very well, Thank you !! if I brief you about my work, my job profile is a responsible coordinator for Mela Artisans – we work with artisans all across India and provide them employment by selling their product to the biggest US retailers and boutiques. I work with craftsmen from different states, and of different backgrounds and techniques which go inline with the Indian aesthetic and convert these products into big volume orders. I coordinate between USA team and Artisans groups in India. In this whole process I handle
“S to S” (Sourcing to Shipment) function for Home décor products and furniture which Includes Sourcing, Product development, Merchandising, quality control as well as shipment plan with the help of different department and team members.

Tell us how life at Jagan Nath University helped you become the person you are?


Khushi - It has been helping me in many ways. In college, we learnt things theoretically and some of them with mock drill – Like , Group discussion , Presentation, F2F Interview drills etc. So now in corporate world it has become regular and now i am in real war zone. So I have to respond quickly and responsibly without losing any time.

The transition from a student to a professional, How did it take place ?


Khushi - Student life in Master programme was like a pre final where we could do R&D and Improvement but now in professional life everything is like final exam.. You can say that there is no eraser, everything is written with pen. So before taking any decision I have to see pros and cons and my decision should be in favour of the company as well society and the craftsmen I work with. I am always trying to take decisions that will help the company and deliver results with efficiency and in time.

What skill according to you a student should possess to become a successful professional?


Khushi - Good listening skills, critical thinking, responsibility, accountability always eager to learn new things and improve while taking in critique positively. A student should learn to control his emotions while on the job and make sure that work is done smoothly without compromising on quality. A person should be aware of his agenda and develop strategies to achieve outcomes in the best possible ways.

Can you tell us about the job opportunities in your field?


Khushi - India has a huge workforce population that is delivering services in field like engineering, mechanics, craft, art and many more. Getting an MBA Degree gives you skills to be able to manage in companies that deal with the said workforce and help achieve success by keeping the machine running flawlessly. One can specialize in his passion and combine his management skills with deep knowledge of the industry, my field is mainly crafts and exports and there is a lot of opportunities in this area of work – from sourcing, designing, product development, merchandising, production controller, quality assurance, logistic controller etc. Super specialization in one area can help you become an important human resource and will increase your chances of getting hired in various companies.

What learning would you like to share with the students?


Khushi - A person should never underestimate his/her own power and trust in his/her abilities. They should always think positively and look for solutions to the problems that come up. Optimism combined with persistence goes a long way. Always give the best you can and be honest to yourself about how much you can improve.