Mr. Afzal Khan

Mr. Afzal Khan
Mr. Afzal Khan
Batch : 2009-11

Q.1 Hello, how are you? Could you brief about work?

Ans. I am good, enjoying life and hope everyone is safe out there. I have been working at Godrej Delhi, managing retail stores, handling various government projects in the field of welfare of the society.

 Q.2 Tell us how life at Jagan Nath University helped you the person you are?

Ans. Life at Jagan Nath University is very close to my heart it's a life time experience for me, it's a journey of joy, learning, it yielded a path to became a better professional where my skill ,knowledge enhanced better than before either in the field of classroom study, sports and knowledge. Time spent at campus Hostel room 60, Fourth floor near to canteen building will never forget it is a part of my life. Learning, enjoyment complete transition has been at that time developed, leadership skill being hostel representative, mess committee in-charge, Coordinator at various sports competition, participate various events organized by management not only passed with first division we did unlimited enjoyment that we have no regret .At our time campus was known by management (Mgmt. MBA) Students. The way our Faculty interacted with us in classroom, campus their coordination with the student was marvellous, they are the best of that time, teaches value which help to become a better person.


Q.3 Transition from student to a professional, how does it take place?

Ans. Transition from student to professional nearly same in both the field to be a successful person need discipline, hard work, dedication and respect to your mentor, whatever learnt implemented them in professional life to become better than before.

 Q.4 What skill according to you poses to become a successful professional?

Ans. Good Listener, Positive Attitude, Hardworking, follow the guidelines suggested by mentor and organization.

Q.4 Can you tell us about job opportunities in your field?

Ans. Yes, of course.

Q.5 What learning would you like to share with the students?

Ans. whenever your faculty mentor stating you saying something or suggesting you about your career follow it and implement it, in future nobody will teach about values and career.