Gaurav Kumawat

Gaurav Kumawat
Gaurav Kumawat
Batch : 2015-18

'Jagannath University Jaipur'- For some of us it is a place of fun, for some others it could a place of learning but for me, this place is "Roots".


How much a 18-19 year old guy could think while selecting a good college to study? How much a person who has just passed their 12th exams know? How tough it is to adjust with new people, being away from home missing family and close friends

But somehow we all need to adjust & then adapt.

For me, coming to Jagannath University Jaipur for BBAwas really exciting. New friends, teachers, hostel, new books, a laptop and whatnot. But I had some fears too, fear of not being accepted, fear of being a victim of ragging, fear of being treated as a small-town guy.

".......& to overcome fear we need to have faith in God & dedication towards our goal." - said Dr Vaishali Sharma (former HOD of Management Department). These words from her were not just words, they were treatment therapy for me.

"It's not the problems which disturb us and break us, It's our mindset which made us paralyzed with the situation, we need to change our mindsets to move forward & achieve something extraordinary" - by Dr Kapil Khattar (Former Dean of Management Department), these words still rings in my head and give me the strength to overcome hurdles of my life.

All the Faculty there were not just teachers, but mentors, friends, and sometimes parents as well. What more you expect from college. Miss Smita Kaushik was our BBA coordinator at that time, For me, She was really a person who has always been there to save us, to make our studies uninterrupted, to support us, to guide us her own fearless ways.

I remember those really long and diverse discussions and arguments with my faculty, Miss Swati Chaturvedi, that time. She is the teacher who has punished me a lot, but of course, she is the one who has improved me a lot. Have you ever found yourself in disguise? Or wondered who you really are from inside? I had a lot more questions like this for me in 2015 when I've joined the course. But there was a faculty, Dr Jyotsna Sharma who had made me self-aware, By giving me personality test exercises. I really admire her for showing me a mirror, it really helped me in improving myself. This is the crucial reason I am now helping others in improving themselves. I really appreciate her contribution in building my character.

Every other college out there highlights academic excellence they have. But Jagannath is having some teachers who are really working very hard to help students gain some extra skills of leaderships, I still remember one of an Industrial visit to Priyagold, Gurgaon those days, not because I have done so many mistakes, but because I have learnt a lot through those mistakes & I really felt lucky to have faculties like Dr Shilpi Khandelwal & Mr Tarun Batra Sir who have helped to learn from my mistakes every time.

Do you know what helps a lot in a career life? It's not always the knowledge or skills. But its Honesty, patience, and behaviour. Ask yourself, how can you learn this? Can it be taught by books or lectures? No, one needs to practice it and learn. The same goes for our ability to tackle pressure situations & this is what I have learnt from Dr Shweta Bhatia in my graduation days. I believe that she really goes extra miles every time to teach us important lessons of life.

At last, I need to conclude my journey of Jagannath by stating that-
"No college can make you a successful professional unless you desire to be.."

We must always respect our teachers, admire them for the work they have done on us and the most important thing- Remember your Teacher They are the ones who have made us what we are today.