Prashant Kumar Bairwa

Prashant Kumar Bairwa
Prashant Kumar Bairwa
Batch : 2015-19

Hello, I am Prashant Kumar Bairwa pursuing my dream of improving quality of education in remote village of Rajasthan. I always wanted to become a teacher, I saw education system so closely as my father is a teacher, then I read about different practices and education systems throughout the world. Coming from a rural background, I always felt the inavaibility of quality education in my area. I have always believe that lack of knowledge is only barrier in life, and thus wanted to work in this field. So firstly I read a lot about the field I was planning to enter into and then I developed contacts in this field.

In my second year i.e. 2016, after doing a lot of research I finally founded my NGO "AKKSS Foundation", I thought of fulfilling my dream of providing good education through this, we implemented some of the best methods here. I'm the founder and CEO of this right now.

We teach unprivileged kids for almost free and we are indulged in a process of making World's best school. We currently having 50 kids and we also started a library with 5000 books, we organize Drawing event "Rangotsav" which is held every year in which any student can participate. Also we do provide stationary, uniforms and other utility items to kids. We developed a unique hybrid model of crowd funding and self sustainability model.

I was supported by Jagannath University many a times, including guidence, donations and exposure.

As I have discussed, I want to build World's best school so we are working in that direction. We are facing funding issues due to Covid-19 but we are finding better alternative fot that. Rest all is going well I believe in God. Almighty has always shown me path and he will always. Thank you.