Mr. Anshul Mathur

Mr. Anshul Mathur
Mr. Anshul Mathur
M.Tech (P.E.).
Batch : 2018-2020

"A College should not be a preparation for life, A college should be life."   --- Elbert Hubbard


College is a new beginning in the life of a student. After the much disciplined life of a school, we come college but for most of the students' going to a college is very terrifying and sometimes overwhelming. It's a case of fear of unknown. We interact with the new classmates, teachers, infrastructure and culture too. But if I would have to say about myself nothing happened from the above.

I joined Jagannath University in August 2016 and the feeling on the day one was like "Yes! That's where I wanted to be". Everything is very friendly. At Jagannath University I felt that "College is not about finding yourself, it is about finding a person within you that you want to be."

The faculty members, office staff and the supporting staff never made me realise that I was new to this college and the result of that cooperation was that I was able to complete my post- graduation with good academic record and secured a gold medal too.

That's about my first day of college life, Sweet, Happy and Satisfying. The classmates whom I befriended on the first day became my such good friends later. My two years in college passed very soon. Even now I miss those days like nothing else. But the days will be always with me in my memories and now when I am a teacher and I see all these new students starting their college life .I feel nostalgic and I cherish my college memories...!!!