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Welcome to Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Engineering is not only reading and comprehending but it also to be proficient in applications. University provides the perfect ambience at faculty of engineering which is highly inspiring and conductive the acquisition of knowledge and honing of skills. The world in which technology will be deployed will be intensely interconnected, diverse and multidisciplinary. The presence of technology in our lives will be seamless and more significant than ever. This will necessitate, amongst others a good understanding of engineering fundamentals, systems perspective and importance of team work. The engineers develop new manufacturing processes and products, create and manage energy, transportation and communications systems, prevent new and redress old environmental problems create pioneering health care devices and in general make technology work.

Latest News

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    Re Evaluation Notice

    Students may apply for re-evaluation of their result of Semester I, III ,V,VII & IX held Dec17 jan18

Events & Notification

  • 08



    Online Lecture on Climate Cahnge

    Online lecture by Sunita Narain, Director General, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on the serious topic of Climate Change attended by faculty members and students.

  • 13



    Guest Lecture on "AUTO CAD"

    Mr. Raj Singh and Tarun Singh, Academic Manager CAD Easy, Jaipur shared valuable insights into the current scenario in the field of Industrial and Infrastructural design.

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