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Seminar and Workshop

S. No Activity Description Date
1 “Session on Building Scalable, Sustainable Skill Development Entities” Dr Shilpi Khandelwal along with 5 students from MBA III Semester (Faculty of Management) has participated 23/01/2019
2 Brainstorming Session for Young Minds Seeking Career in Corporate A Career Counselling Seminar was organized on 14th March 2018 by Jagannath University in partnership with UR Servicing Pvt. Ltd., Delhi. 14/03/2018
3 National Seminar Biz Mage 17 on Contemporary Management Practices: Leadership in times of complexity and change Mr. Sunil Kurian, Head, Operations & Maintenance, Mahendra world City, Jaipur, Mr. Vimal Mishra, DGM, Corporate Affairs, Mahindra World City ,Mr. Devendra Thakur, State Head, Reliance Telecom,Dr. Shyam Agarwal, President, ICSI 04/03/2017
4 Workshop on VISAKA Cashless Digital transactions Mr. Sandeep Bhardwaj, Manager IT, State Bank of India,Jaipur 21/01/2017
5 Entrepreneurial Seminar by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises MSME-Development Institute Jaipur Mr. K C Meena Assistant Director, MSME-DI, Jaipur ; Mr. D N Mathur, Manager, DIC , Jaipur 10/11/2016
6 Personality Development workshop on Corporate Expectations from Management Education Mr. Sunil Jain, CEO, Vision Management , Jaipur 20/02/2015

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