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Faculty Development Program

S. No Activity Description Date
1 "Research Methods and Innovative Teaching Methodology" Prof. S.C. Bardia, VC, Mahrishi Arvind University, Former Director Research, University of Rajasthan (Topic-"Research Methods") | Mr. Anil Ohri, Trainer, ICT Academy, New Delhi (Topic-"Innovative Teaching Methodology") 06/08/2019
2 "Developing World Class Teaching Competencies: A New Perspective" Prof M.S. Verma, Delhi University, New Delhi (Ex-Vice Chancellor, Jagannath University (Topic-“Establishment of Quality Framework in Education”); Ms. Shilpi Mookim, Senior Manager, Genpact, Jaipur (Topic-“Quality Assurance in Education through Six Sigma Approach” 22/01/2016

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