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Welcome to Faculty of Science


In order to avail the opportunities and face the challenges arisen due to changing global and national economic scenario, the University has facilitated its faculty and students with modern technologies, environment and a framework, so as to make them competent for the challenges and to enhance the quality of teaching and academics, to contribute constantly towards learning & research. With these aims and objectives the Department of Agriculture was established in the academic session 2014-15.


The vision of the University; that is to be a Centre of Academic Excellence and high-ended research activities is achieved through excellent physical and academic infrastructure, constantly updated curriculum, talented and dedicated faculty, corporate interaction, and providing multidimensional development opportunities to the students.


  • To establish a centre of excellence in agricultural education and an institute of learning with the aim of generating trained human resource for undertaking jobs as well as work in public in private sector.

Unique Academic Opportunities

Education is the prerequisite of success and well being of individuals in a society. Every country has its education policy and programs toward literacy, primary, middle level and higher education. The higher education is considered to be a key to gateways of success provided that the donar institutions and receiving students put in their best efforts to teach and learn, respectively.

India has embarked upon a very ambitious plan to educate the people through establishment of large number of universities, IITs, IIMs and private universities. Among private universities of country and the state of Rajasthan, Jagannath University has carved out a niche for itself and has become a brand name to reckon with.


The teaching and pedagogy is accomplished through modern classroom lectures, bench work in laboratory and hand-on training in field. The class room teaching is supported by modern IT gadgets especially the power point presentations. Students are encouraged to consult books in the library and access relevant website through Wi-Fi internet provided by the university.