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Welcome to Faculty of Medical, Paramedical & Allied Health Sciences


One can make career in Naturopathy and Yoga to be a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Sciences (B.N. Y.S) physician after passing 12 standards from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There are many medical colleges of Naturopathy & Yoga in India. The scope of BNYS doctors is available both within and outside the country.


To be an Institution of Academic excellence with total commitment to quality education, research and improvement in human values with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society.



To serve the society and improve quality of life by nurturing high-quality talent, providing excellent academic and research environment, consultancy services and promoting dissemination of knowledge.

Unique Academic Opportunities

  • Most experienced faculty members
  • Well laid out studios
  • Well laid out lecture halls and computer labs with latest software
  • Workshops with carpentry fitting and welding facilities.
  • Innovative teaching like teaching with models in subjects like Building construction.
  • More emphasis on practical aspects
  • More and regular site visits in the subjects like Interior Design, Building Construction, Art n Graphics with the concerned subject teachers.
  • Outdoor sketching exercises to improve the sketching skills
  • Well equipped library with latest books in Architecture
  • Exhibition Hall/ Thesis display room to expose the junior students to the level of work done by their senior students.
  • Healthy and conducive environment for studies and students.
  • Well equipped physical and academic infrastructure for overall personality development.


The university follows a unique pedagogy for teaching the concepts to its technical and professional programmes, so that students can learn with the latitude and empathy.The pedagogy lays emphasis on:

  • Clear conceptual understanding of subjects through class room teaching
  • Reinforcement of learned concepts through case studies and audio visual aids.
  • Wide range of human skills and techniques for creative thinking & decision making.
  • Practice through projects, experiments and hand on/on the job training.
  • Communication skills, leadership &Teamwork skills gained through various group activities.
  • Application by real life training, Industrial visits, tours and industry apprenticeship.
For MBBS Admissions ICACM-2019