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Academic Council

The Academic Council is the principal academic body of the University, which deals with all the matters related to academics viz; to prescribed procedure for admission and examination for the students of the University, to prescribed and sanctioned the number of academic programs in the University and their intake for each academic year, to approve syllabi for different programs, to frame examination rules, to promote research within the University, etc.

S.No. Member Designation
1. The President
Prof. (Dr.) Madan Mohan Goel
Jagan Nath University Jaipur
2. Deans of Faculties/Heads of the Departments
  1. Prof. (Dr.) P N Kalla
    Dean Faculty of Science
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  2. Prof. (Dr.) Vivek Kumar Sharma
    Dean, Faculty of Engg. & Tech)
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  3. Prof. (Dr.) Vaishali Sharma
    Dean, Faculty of Management
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  4. Prof. (Dr.) Vivek Kumar Sharma
    Dean(Offg.), Faculty of Architecture & Planning
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  5. Prof. (Dr.) Kapil Khattar
    Dean, Faculty of Law
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  6. Prof.(Dr.) Geeta Mohan
    Head, Department of Physiotherapy
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  7. Dr. Shilpi Khandelwal
    Head, Department of Arts
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  8. Dr. Ankush Sharma
    Head, Department of Education
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  9. Dr. Jyotsna Sharma,
    Head, Faculty of Vocational Studies
3. Two Faculty members nominated by the President
  1. Prof. (Dr.) Ranjeeta Soni
    Faculty of Science
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  2. Mrs. Manju Gupta
    Department of Education
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
4. Two Eminent Academician nominated by the Chairperson
  1. Dr. Ramesh Bharti
    Faculty of Engineering & Technology
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
  2. Dr. C.P Gupta
    Faculty of Law
    Jagan Nath University Jaipur
5. Registrar, Jagan Nath University,Jaipur

Sh. Tanmay Pattanayak
Member Secretary


Minutes of Meetings of Academic Council

S.No. Minutes of Meetings Date Details
1. 31th Academic Council Friday, May 25, 2018 Download
2. 30th Academic Council Tuesday, January 30, 2018 Download
3. 29th Academic Council Wednesday, September 27, 2017 Download
4. 28th Academic Council Wednesday May 24, 2017 Download
5. 27th Academic Council Saturday, January 24, 2017 Download
6. 26th Academic Council Saturday, September 17, 2016 Download
7. 25th Academic Council Saturday May 21, 2016 Download
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