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Engineering is the science, skill, and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. The engineers develop new manufacturing processes and products, create and manage energy, transportation and communications systems, prevent new and redress old environmental problems create pioneering health care devices and in general make technology work.

  • Guest Lecture is a way of enriching the students with the latest updates of the Industries and Technicalities. The Students are bestowed with knowledge about Industry needs, latest technical updates, avenues for higher studies etc. through these guest lectures.

    S.NO. TOPICS Resource Person Date
    2 Introduction of Foundry Mr. B.K.Sharma, Secretary IIF. 08 Feb 2012
    3 Cutting Tool Technology Mr. Deepak Goyal, Asst. Manager L&T. 18 Feb 2012
    4 Networking Prof. V. S. Rathore 24 August, 2013 
    5 Maple and Maple Sim software tool Mr.Venkatesulu R Mr.Venkatesulu R
    6 MANUFACTURING OF CEMENT seldom India 12/9/2014
  • The university organizes seminar/workshops//conferences in association with various corporate on latest and contemporary issues time to time. Some of the activities which were organized in the department are as follows:

    Topic Date Main Speakers
    Industrial Automation 20 Feb 2015 MECRC Experts
    One day seminar on PLC SCADA 15 March 2014 Mr. Dinesh Kumawat
    “Automation based on PLC and SCADA 31 October 2012 Executives of
    DHP Automation
    IBM RAD (Rational Application Developer) February 9- 12, 2011 Mr. Vinod Patidar from IBM
    National seminar on green building 5-6/May/2012 Prof. Y.S.Shisodia
    Dr. J.L.Sehgal,
    Prof M.M.Mishra
    Mix design of concrete by Ambuja cement 18-19/Sep./2012
    Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
    Mr. Prakash R.Sharma
    Manufacturing Process Of Cement 04/03/2014 Er. Hitesh Mogra(regional Head – Ts, Ultratech Cement)
    Building Plan Drawing By Auto CAD 11/03/2014 Mr. Jeetendra Singh
    Mobi-robotics workshop cum championship 6th Sept.-10th Sept. 2011 Mr. Ashish & Mr. Jitendra of Robosapiens,India
    Seminar on Automation based on PLC and SCADA 31st October,2012 Executive,DHP Automation, Jaipur
    Seminar on VLSI and Embedded System October,2012 Executive,Piganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd
    Robotics workshop cum championship 19th,20th  February,2013 ROBOSAPIENS INDIA in association with IIT-Delhi
    Seminar on DTH services November,2013 Mr. Sudhanshu Mathur
  • There are different cells created for the students to participate and get practical exposure by carrying out the activities under the respective Cells. SAEINDIA is one of the few professional engineering societies whose membership represents practically every engineering and scientific discipline. Its members combine their specialized abilities to further advance the research, development, design, manufacture and utilization of vehicles which operate on land and water and in air and space.

    S.No. Name of Society Affiliated by Team Id
    1 SAE BAJASAE India 16236
  • Industrial visits provide vital information about the organization, its performances and various functioning processes and enable the students to understand the internal working environment. Industrial visits help bridging the gap in curriculum and real work setup.

    S.No. Name of Organisation Date
    1 AUTOLITE INDIA LIMITED I Feb,,5,8, Sept. 12
    2 MSME 23,24,Aug.12, 5 Oct.,14
    3 Thermal Power plant Suratgarh 16, Nov 12
    4 PARLE -G , 8 March13, 18 April 15
    5 G.Tech Biwadi  Jan 13
    6 NTPC Anta 17 April 13
    7 Kalisinndh power station, Jhalawar 8 Feb, 15
    8 Huawei Training Academy, Gurgaon Nov 21, 2013
    9 Pratham Software, Jaipur May 06,2014
    10 Dot Square, Jaipur Nov. 10,2014
    11 CMC, Jaipur April 28, 2015
    12 Industrial Visit at 132 KV GSS Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur 17/04/12
    13 Kota Super Thermal Power Station 3 April 2014
    14 Dholpur Thermal Power Station’ 12 Sept 2013
    15 J K Cement at Nimbahera,Chittorgarh 15th Nov., 2014.
    16 Rawatbhata  Atomic Power Plant 9th May,2014
    23 Autolite India Ltd,Sitapura,Jaipur 2 Nov,2012
    24 Ambuja Cement, Beawer 25-26 mar,2013
    25 HUAWEI,Gurgaon 30th Oct,13
    26 DHB Automation,Jaipur 16th Nov,13
    27 HUAWEI,Gurgaon 3May,2014
    28 Genus Electronics pvt.Ltd,Jaipur 28,29 March,2014
  • Engineer's Day programme was organized on September 15 of every year in remembrance of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya.  On this occasion, several academic and cultural activities were organized in which students participated with great enthusiasm and vigour.

  • Teacher's Day programme was organized on September 5th of every year in remembrance of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna On this occasion, several academic and cultural activities were organized in which students participated with great enthusiasm and vigour.

  • The preliminary work of every engineering project such as water supply scheme, highway, irrigation, bridges, building, hydropower etc. needs survey of the site before planning and estimation. The necessity of the survey camp was to train the students about various technical difficulties encountered at a survey site and to help them to develop a professional attitude in tackling them. The survey camp is necessity to promote all the basic knowledge of different surveying techniques and to compute and manipulate the observed data in the required accuracy and present it in diagrammatic and tabular form in order to understand by the other engineers easily and fast.

    The necessity of the survey camp can be understood from the way it has managed to clear the students to numerous doubts about the various fundamental principles. It has helped them to understand better the principles they had already known, viz, "working from whole to part" principle and it has also made aware to them. We can say that no one becomes a good surveyor unless he/she has successfully completed the survey camp course. Hence it's of great importance for all the civil engineering students.

    Keeping in mind, the above importance of Survey Camp, Department of Civil Engineering, Jagannath University conducted a survey camp during February 18 to February 21, 2015. The locations for survey camp were various places in the university campus and outside too. The following exercises were successfully completed by the students under the guidance of the Faculty Members of the Department:-

    1. Triangulation( In the University Campus)
    2. Coutouring( Nearby a Village )
    3. Double Levelling( A link road from the village to highway)
  • Co-curricular Activities facilitate in the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual developments, emotional developments, social developments, moral developments, and aesthetic developments. Co-curricular activities are Fresher's party, Sports and cultural Fest "SPANDAN", Alumni meet and many more are there.

    • ARMAGEDDON, National level sports and cultural fest have been organized every year.. Various Universities/Institutes from the Jaipur/Outside Jaipur have participated in Armageddon , with great zest and enthusiasm.


    S.No Name of Sports events
    1 Volley Ball
    2 Basket Ball
    3 Foot Ball
    4 Table Tennis
    5 Chess
    6 Carrom
    7 Lan Gaming
    8 Atheletics
    9 Cricket


    S.No Name of Cultural events
    1 Dances
    2 Singing
    3 Ramp Walk
    4 Rob war
    5 Skit
    6 Fun mall
    7 Ad Mad Show
    8 Quizzes
    9 Paper Presentations
    10 Debate
    11 Extempore
    12 Mehandi,Rangoli
    13 Code Blast
    1. Ms. Ranju Kumari and Ms Manisha Sinha developed a project on 'Solar Tracking System'.
    2. A hardware project on 'Multiplux Energy Distribution Management System' has been developed by Mr. Ritesh Chawla
    3. Students of final year 2015 batch implemented a hardware project on 'Solar Street Light'.
    4. Rajkumar Mohanpuria student of 2014 batch prepared a experimental kit on 'Solar Power Inverter'
    5. Ibrahim Saifee (7th SEM-ECE) designed a hardware simulator (joystick) for a game "truck mania" regarding end term projects.
    6. Reena Dutta (7th SEM-ECE) made a face recognition program in MATLAB for end term projects
    7. Chandan Giri (7th SEM-ECE) designed a puzzle game with memory in C language.
    8. Saddan Khan (7th SEM-ECE) made a 16x7 LED matrix moving display board.
    9. Students prepared project on Image Processing based traffic surveillance system Processing.
    10. Students prepared project on Robotic Eye use for Border monitoring using Arduino controller and Image.
    11. Students prepared project on Robotic Human hand using Arduino controller.
    12. Students prepared project on Automatic Tea and coffee dispenser machine control by PLC.
    13. Students prepared project on Propeller Display.
    1. Paper presented by ABHISHEK DWIVEDI AND PRASAD GANDOLE (Students of IV SEM Mech.) on green engine in national conference in JEC KUKAS,Jaipur
    2. Paper presented by Sayantan bhatacharya(Students of VI SEM Mech.) on SCRAMJET engine in national conference in AMITY UNIVERSITY, Noida on 29 march 12.
    3. Ajay kumar (Students of VI SEM Mech.) got Ist position in project presentation in prasht 2012 regional college, jaipur on 10 april.
    5. Vth Semester Students Nishant Tripathi and Gaurav Vijayvargiya presented a paper on 'THE INFLUENCE OF ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING at Xperssion 2014 JU Campus.
    6. VII semester students Nitendra Raj and Ravi Charan participed in a robotics workshop at NIT Hamirpur 2014.
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