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  • Guest Lecture is a way of enriching the students with the latest updates of the Industries and Technicalities. The Students are bestowed with knowledge about Industry needs, latest technical updates, avenues for higher studies etc. through these guest lectures.

    S.No. Topic Resource Person Date
    1. "Income Tax Planning" Prof C.K. Shah, Rajasthan University, Jaipur Sept 9' 2014
    2. "Quality Management" Mr. Manish Kumar Shrivastava, Senior Manager -IT, NTPC Aug 30' 2014
    3. "Investment Planning for Young Investors" Dr. Girish Goyal, Financial Advisior- SEBI April 19' 2014
    4. "HR Practices" Mr. J.C. Indolia, Vice President-HRD& Administration, Amol Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Jaipur April 11' 2014
    5. "Spoken English" Prof. T. Balasubramanian, Formar Head of Central Institute of English, Hydrabad Feb 28' 2014
    6. "Project Management: Approaches" Mr. Manish Kumar Shrivastava, Senior Manager -IT, NTPC Feb 28' 2014
    7. "Distribution Channels Legal Compliances in FMCG Industry” Mr. Ashok Mathur, Regional Head, GCMMF (Amul) Oct 22' 2013
    8. "Job opportunities in Insurance sector" Mr. Yuvraj Shrimali, Regional HR Manager, Bajaj Allianz life Insurance Ltd. Sep 8' 2012
    9. "Budget 2012-13" Prof Vijay Vir Singh, HOD, Economics, Raj University, Jaipur Apr 12' 2012
    10. "Organizational Behaviour: A tool for Manageing People" Prof. T.K. Jain, Retd. Prof, Rajasthan University, Jaipur Nov 8' 2011
    11. "Strategic Mgmt. in Corporate sector" Mr. Sudhir Sharma, DGM Operations,Vatika infotech, Jaipur Oct 17' 2011
    12. "The Role of State in Economic Devlopement- with reference to India" Prof C. M. Choudhary, Retd. Prof, Raj. University, Jaipur Oct 15' 2011
    13. "Logistic Mgmt- Some Issues" P. Bhaskaran & H. Sharma, Director, Institute of Logistic Mgmt.Jaipur Oct 7' 2010
    14. "Professional Excellence" Mr. Satish Batra, Retired Professor, Rajasthan University, Jaipur Mar 13' 2010
    15. "Case Analysis Skills" Professor Neeraj Gupta, Founder & Director GIT, Jaipur Dec 16' 2008
    16. "Importance of Communication" Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, Prof, BITS, Pilani Nov 22' 2008
    17. "Journey of Economics Micro to Macro" Prof N D Mathur, Prof, Rajasthan University, Jaipur Nov 7' 2008
  • The purpose of a seminar is less to teach than to share. Seminar is an opportunity to revitalize the relationship with the industry and also to know and learn the new approaches in the field by the organizations.

    Workshops are the best way to present the performance of a task and intensive group discussion and improvisation in order to explore the aspects of real world.

    Conference in academics is a platform giving an opportunity to researchers to present the results of their research work carried out in their quest for domain expertise and other related activities.

    S.L No. Topic Resource Person Date
    1 Personality Development workshop on "Corporate Expectations from Management Education”. Mr. Sunil Jain, CEO, Vision Management , Jaipur 20th February 2015
    2 Entrepreneurial workshop on " Sensitizing student for Progressive Path" Dr. Veena Arora, Corporate trainer, Jaipur 22th February 2014
    3 Entrepreneurial workshop on " Sensitizing student for Progressive Path" Mr. Rajan Arora, Corporate Trainer, Jaipur 6th April 2013
    4 Workshop on "Stock Investing Trading" Mr. Gorav Sharma, From HDFC Bank, Jaipur 13th March 2013
    6 Entrepreneurial Workshop on "Campus to Corporate: Expectations from future professionals" Dr. Veena Arora, Corporate trainer, Jaipur 18th August 2012
    7 Workshop on "Selection Process" Dr. Vandana Sharma, Trainer, Pornima Group of Colleges, Jaipur 10th October 2011
    8 Workshop on "Capitaline Data base " Mr. Subhash Kumar, Asst. Manager Marketing, Capital Market Publishers India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi 6th September 2011
    9 Workshop on "Capitaline Data base " Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma,Manager, Business Development Executive, Capitaline Database, New Delhi 22th January 2011
    11 Workshop on "Intensive Training for Self Improvement" Mr Sharad Kamra, Chief Operating office, Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur 28th-29th September 2009
    13 Workshop on "Develop Soft skill for Interpersonal Relationship"  Commader R N Krishnia, Soft Skill Trainer, Bombay 24th November 2008
  • Monthly Activities are a way of acquainting the students with the domain knowledge through various activities simulating the real work set up. Role Play, B-Quiz, Management Games, Business Plan, Case analysis are some of the activities conducted alternately throughout the course by providing an environment that stimulates and motivates.

    The objective of these activities is to inculcate into students the concepts into application by learning to set objectives, controlling work environment, reviewing results and applying corrective action.

  • There are different Cells created for the students to participate and get practical exposure by carrying out the activities under these respective Cells. Entrepreneurship Cell is one such cell where students can do live projects, can have direct interactions with the entrepreneurs, workshops for the same are also conducted.

    S.No. Name of Activity Organised by Date
    1 One Month Live Project on"Formulation of Small scale unit for readymade garment/handicraft by considering government schemes for the same. E-Cell February-March 2015
    2 One Month Live Project on“A Study of the various schemes launched by DIC, SIDBI, RIICO Jaipur. E-Cell February-March 2015
    3 One Month Live Project on“Setting up export oriented jewelry processing unit in SEZ Phase II Sitapura, Jaipur. E-Cell February-March 2015
    4 Intensive Training Program for MBA III Semester (Batch 2013-15) ITP Cell 25th August-17 November 2014
    5 One Month Live Project on“Assessment of Customer Satisfaction Level in ICICI E-Cell August-September 2014
    6 One Month Live Project on“Customer Attitude and Preferences Towards Khadi: Now & Then. E-Cell August-September 2014
    7 Project on“HR Problems in NGOs. E-Cell August-September 2014
    8 One Month Live Project on"Motivational Techniques Used by Respectives Companies: Mc Donald, SBI, Big Bazaar" E-Cell February-March 2014
    9 One Month Live Project on"Greem Marketing Philosophy ( with reference to Automobiles & Construction Industries)" E-Cell February-March 2014
    10 Entrepreneurial workshop on " Sensitizing student for Progressive Path" by Dr. Veena Arora, Corporate trainer, Jaipur E-Cell 22th February 2014
    11  Project on"Expectations and Experiences of Students from Management Education" E-Cell August-September 2013
    12 One Month Live Project on" Comparative Study of Telecom Services" E-Cell August-September 2013
    13 Project on"An Analytical Study on Consumer Perference in Selecting Mobile Instruments" E-Cell August-September 2013
    14 Intensive Training Program for MBA III Semester (Batch 2012-14) ITP Cell 9th September-7th October 2013
    15 Entrepreneurial workshop on " Sensitizing student for Progressive Path" by Mr. Rajan Arora, Corporate Trainer, Jaipur E-Cell 6th April 2013
    16 Project on"Assessing the Viability of FDI in Retail Sector" E-Cell February-March 2013
    17 One Month Live Project on"Factors to be taken into consideration for Visual display of goods in Big- Bazaar, Jaipur" E-Cell February-March 2013
    18 One Month Live Project on"Points to be Considered for the Purpose of Visual Merchandising at Shopper Stop, Jaipur" E-Cell February-March 2013
    19 Intensive Training Program for MBA III Semester (Batch 2011-13) ITP Cell 8th August-8th October 2012
    20 One Month Live Project on"Assessment of Customer Satisfaction Level in the following Banks: IDBI, SBI, ICICI, & HDFC E-Cell August-September 2012
    21 Project on"Management Process for Fortune 500 Companies" E-Cell August-September 2012
    22 Entrepreneurial Workshop on "Campus to Corporate: Expectations from future professionals"by Dr. Veena Arora, Corporate trainer, Jaipur E-Cell 18th August 2012
    23 Intensive Training Program for MBA III Semester (Batch 2010-12) ITP Cell 5th September-21 November 2011
    24 Project on"Analyzing Customer Preference Regarding Quality of Petrol" E-Cell August-September 2011
    25 Intensive Training Program for MBA III Semester (Batch 2009-11) ITP Cell 5th January-14th March 2011
  • Industrial visits provide vital information about the organization, its performances and various functioning processes and enable the students to understand the internal working environment. Industrial visits help bridging the gap in curriculum and real work set up.

    1 Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd, Bassi 12th March 2015
    2 Relaxo Footwear Pvt. Ltd., Bhiwadi 13th September 2014
    3 Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited, Alwar 6th September 2014
    4 Ambuja Cement, Beawer 12th March 2014
    5 Hero Moto Corp., Gurgaon 15th February 2014
    6 Anil Special Industry, Jaipur 19th October 2013
    7 Eicher Engines, Alwar 2nd March 2013
    8 Daikin Industries Ltd., Neemrana 4th October 2012
    9 Hero Moto Corp., Gurgaon 4th February 2012
    10 Shree Cement, Beawer 17th September 2011
    11 Garima Overseas, Neemrana, Alwar 4th September 2010
    12 Parle Biscuit Pvt Ltd, Neemrana, Alwar 4th September 2010
    13 Shree Cement, Beawer 10th February 2010
    14 Mico Bosch, Jaipur 28th January 2010
    15 Parle Biscuit Pvt Ltd, Neemrana, Alwar 4th February 2010
    16 Azad Coach Pvt Ltd, Jaipur 24th September 2009
    17 Hero Honda, Gurgaon 10th February 2009
    18 Jaipur Dairy, Jaipur 24th January 2009
  • Faculty Development Programme (FDP) aims at professional and personal development of teachers to promote and upgrade their career. It equips the teachers with skills and knowledge that are essential for inculcating entrepreneurial values in students and guiding and monitoring their progress towards entrepreneurial career.

    Management Development Program is an ideal setting for the theorists and practitioners together as the practitioners can brush up their basics and the theorists hone their training skills.

    S.L No. Topic Resource Person Date
    1 "Enriching individuals for Educational Excellence" Prof Upinder Dhar,Vice Chancellor, JKL University, Jaipur & Ms. Surbhi Tankha, Training Manager, NIIT Ltd., Jaipur  19th January 2014
    2 "Contemporary Technique in teaching Excellance" with referance to mgmt domain Mr. V.K. Mehta, Additional General Manager, Bharat Electronics Ltd., Ghaziabad & Prof HN Agarwal, Retired Professor & Head, Department of Commerce & Business Administration Saurashtra University, Rajkot   22nd-23rd January 2012
    3 "Interactive Teaching Practices in present Senario"with reference to mgmt prog. Mr. V.K. Mehta, Additional General Manager, Bharat Electronics Ltd., Ghaziabad  18th February 2011
    4 "Developing Teaching Excellence" Prof Ramesh Arora & Dr Tanjul Saxena, Corporate Trainers, Jaipur 15th-16th January 2010
    5 Developing and improving  "Self Learming Material" (with coopration of STRIDE, IGNOU, New Delhi) Prof Ramanujam & Prof Sethi, STRIDE, IGNOU, New Delhi 2nd,3rd & 4th January 2010
    6 "Conflict Generation, Genesis and Genocide" Prof Kapoor & Mr Gaurav, New Delhi 3rd July 2009
  • These activities strengthen the teaching learning environment and also help in character enrichment of the student. Extra Academic Activities are those that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school or university education, performed by students. Extracurricular activities exist for all students.

    S. No. Co Curricular Activities DATE
    1 Xpression 2014( Intra University Paper Presentation ) 15th November 2014
    2 Business Quiz 2014 23rd August 2014
    3 Business Plan Competition 8th March 2014
    4 Xpression 2013( Intra University Paper Presentation ) 26th Oct 2013
    5 Business Quiz-2013  24th August 2013
    6 Panel Discussion on  ‘Budget 2013’    20th April  2013
    7 Xpression 2012( Intra University Paper Presentation ) 13th October 2012
    8 Business Quiz-2012 25th August 2012
    9 Panel Discussion on Budget-2012 27th April 2012
    10 Management Games 31st March 2012
    11 Role Play Competition 2012  7th February 2012
    12 Xpression 2011 ( Intra University Paper Presentation )  11th November 2011
    13 Business Plan Competition  19th October 2011
    14 Case Analysis Compitition   20th September 2011
    15 Management Ganes 23rd April 2011
    16 Panel Discussion on Budget-2011 15th March 2011
    17 Role Play Competition "Copy Act 2011" 26th February 2011
    18 AD-MAD Competition 15th September 2010
    19 Xpression 2010 ( Inter University Paper Presentation ) 25th March 2010
    20 AD-MAD Competiotion 20th February 2010
  • Co-curricular activities facilitate in the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development, moral development and aesthetic development. Co curricular activities are Fresher’s party, Sports and Cultural Fest “SPANDAN”, Alumni Meet and many more…

    S. No. Extra-curricular Activities DATE
    1 "Punarnava" Alumni Meet-15 7th March 2015
    2 Armagaddon ( Culture fest) 26th Feb - 1st Mar 2015
    3 Sports and Culture Fest 'Spendan-15' 23rd-25th February2015
    4 II Convocation 14th February 2015
    5 Sports and Culture Fest 'Spendan-14' 31st Mar - 4th April 2014
    6 I Convocation 8th February 2014
    7 Armagaddon ( Culture and Sports fest 23rd -29th November 2013
    8 Alumni Meet-13 3rd March 2013
    9 Sports and Culture Fest 'Spendan-13' 11th -16th February 2013
    10 Sports and Culture Fest 'Spendan-12' 27th February -2nd March 2012
    11 Farewell 2011 7th May 2011
    12 Annual Sports Meet-2010-2011 1st -5th February 2011
    13 Annual Technomanagement Fest "VERVE-10" 3rd April  2010
    14 Annual Sports Meet-(2009-2010) 2nd-6th February 2010
    15 Fresher party for new commers "AURA-09" 12th September 2009
    16 Annual Technomanagement Fest "VERVE-09" 27th -28th February 2009
    17 Annual Sports Week-08 16th November 2008
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