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First Semester

Code Subject
BALLB101 Political Science-I
BALLB102 Economics-I
BALLB103 History-I
BALLB104 English
BALLB105 Jurisprudence-I
BALLB106 Torts and Consumer Protection
BALLB107 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical Training
- Computer Lab. (Non- Credit)

Second Semester

Code Subject
BALLB201 Political Science-II
BALLB202 Sociology-I
BALLB203 Communication Tech.& Legal Reasoning
BALLB204 History-II
BALLB205 Law of Contract-I
BALLB206 Constitutional Law-I
BALLB207 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical Training
- Computer Lab. (Non- Credit)

Third Semester

Code Subject
BALLB301 Economics-II
BALLB302 Sociology-II
BALLB303 History-III
BALLB304 Law of Contract-II
BALLB305 Criminal Law-I
BALLB306 Family Law-I
BALLB307 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical Training

Fourth Semester

Code Subject
BALLB401 Economics-III
BALLB402 Political Science-III
BALLB403 Environmental Studies
BALLB404 Public International Law
BALLB405 Criminal Law-II
BALLB406 Family Law-II
BALLB407 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical Training
BALLB408 Summer Training

Fifth Semester

Code Subject
BALLB501 Code of Civil Procedure-I
BALLB502 Corporate Law
BALLB503 French / German(Part-I)
BALLB504 Constitutional Law-II
BALLB505 Law, Poverty and Development
BALLB506 Alternate Dispute Resolution
BALLB507 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical Training

Sixth Semester

Code Subject
BALLB601 Jurisprudence-II
BALLB602 Labour Laws-I
BALLB603 Law and Technology
BALLB604 French / German(Part-II)
BALLB605 Code of Civil Procedure- II & Law of Limitation
BALLB606 Law of Property
BALLB607 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical Training
BALLB608 Summer Training

Seventh Semester

Code Subject
BALLB701 Intellectual Property Rights Law
BALLB702 Women & Law
BALLB703 Administrative Law
BALLB704 Labour Laws-II
BALLB705 Human Rights Law
BALLB706 Criminology
BALLB707 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical Training

Eighth Semester

Code Subject
BALLB801 Law of Taxation
BALLB802 International Trade Law
BALLB803 Banking Law & Insurance Law
BALLB804 Law of Evidence
BALLB805 Optional Subjects-(Two out of Four)
- 1. Int. Humanitarian Law
- 2. Air and Space Law
- 3. Comparative Law
- 4. Private International Law
BALLB806 Professional Misconduct & Law Of Contempt
BALLB807 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical Training
BALLB808 Summer Training

Ninth Semester

Code Subject
BALLB901 Judicial Process and Interpretation of Statues
BALLB902 Legal Ethics and Court Craft
BALLB903 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing ***
BALLB904 Legal Research & Legal writing
BALLB905 Environmental Law
BALLB906 Optional papers-(Two out of Four)
- 1.Law of International Organizations
- 2.Health Care Law
- 3.Law of Indirect Taxes
- 4.Socio-Economic Offences
BALLB907 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical Training

Tenth Semester

Code Subject
BALLB1001 Dissertations****
BALLB1002 Seminar on Dissertation****
BALLB1003 Court Visit and Internship(Advocates/Law Firms)
BALLB1004 Placement Interviews
BALLB1005 Moot Court**/Tutorial/Practical. Training
BALLB1006 Summer Training

* M-Moot Court, T-Tutorial, P-Practical Training
** The evaluation of Moot Court will be based on Participation, Case Diary (Memorial), Arguments and Moot Court Attendance.
*** The evaluation of this Course will be based on Assignment
**** These courses will be based on the appreciating capacity of student regarding judgments and Evaluate their level of critical analysis understanding and presentation

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